English Cocker Spaniel puppies

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We are a family breeding with over 13 years of experience. We are proud to be one of the industry’s top reliable breeders. We only sell superior Cocker Spaniels from top bloodlines, with the correct physique, conformation and temperament. We have spent endless hours choosing the right bloodlines and our dogs prove it. Our females are very high quality and are bred exclusively with champion pedigrees with proven track records to maximize the potential for solid conformation and breed standards.

All of our puppies are registered with the American Kennel Club and come with the first series of shots. Every pup comes with a full written health guarantee, microchip, and a lifetime of happiness.

I am a breeder of cocker spaniel puppies, i have been breeding show cocker spaniels since 1995 under the kennel name of Cassalwood located in rural Lincolnshire

I started with a blue roan cocker spaniel puppy called Cassie, who i had a liiter from and kept a puppy called Candy. I then brought 2 cocker spaniel puppies called Maize and Georgie, all of my girls now are decedents of one of these 3 lines.

As a caring and reputable cocker spaniel breeder i have made use of the currently recommended health screening tests for cocker spaniels, all of my cocker spaniel boys are DNA OptiGen prcd-PRA and Antagene FN tested. Which means my puppies are not only happy and lovely natured but they are healthy too.

Please look on my puppy availabillity page for parti coloured cocker spaniel puppies for sale and litters expected.

All my puppies are bred from parti coloured show type cocker spaniels.

My puppies are well socialised with humans, other dogs and are used to household noises as well as enjoying the pleasures of playing outside.

My puppies have at least one parent DNA OptiGen PRA eye Tested Clear and FN tested clear, so puppies can never inherit either conditions.

They all go home fully wormed up to date, Advocate treated for fleas, kennel club registered, a 5 generation pedigree with picture of both parents on, micro chipped, insured with Petplan for 4 wks, had their 1st vaccination and health check before they go home. I also send them home with a puppy pack from Green pantry natural dog food and a teddy with the scent of the litter on, so they have something to cuddle up with to help them settle in the first few nights in their new homes.

My puppies are sold with breeding endorsements which will be removed when the dog is over 18mths old, hasbeen DNA OptiGen PRA eye tested and FN tested by the new owner. For bitches the endorsement will be lifted when over 18mths old and mated only to a DNA OptiGen PRA clear and FN clear dog.

My puppies go home at 8wks old with a diet sheet, advice sheet and a puppy sales contract but i am still always available to provide help and advice should it be needed.

I will also take back or help rehome any of my pups should this ever be needed at any stage of their lives. English cocker spaniel puppies

English cocker spaniel puppies
English cocker spaniel puppies| English cocker spaniel

English cocker spaniel puppy for adoption

English Cocker was originally bred to find, flush, and retrieve game birds during hunting time. The English Cocker Spaniel is slightly taller than long. This breed has still kept his hunting instinct, so they require lots of daily exercise. Cocker Spaniel is loyal, cheerful, devoted, and sensitive. They like to stay close to their human family. They are perfect for young children and adventurous for adults. English Cocker is very friendly with other pets and even with strangers.